Visit New Zealand

This visa allows people to visit countries for a holiday or recreation, to visit family and friends or for short business visits. 

Visitor Visas are granted for a specific duration depending on your circumstances at the time of application. They can be single-entry visas, permitting just one entry into a country or they can be granted for multiple visits should you have a necessity to visit a number of times within a specified period. The multiple-entry visas are generally aimed at business people, however, anyone can apply for such status with a valid reason. 

While applying for a visitor visa, there are certain parameters that an applicant should meet such as:

  • Have a genuine intent to visit and leave the country at the end of the visit.
  • Have strong ties to your current country of citizenship/residence i.e. full-time employment and/or homeownership/current tenancy agreement and family ties too.
  • Have enough funds to sustain your living expenses for the duration of your visit.
  • Will abide by the rules & laws of a country and will not take up employment during your visit.