Study in New Zealand

A student visa allows the applicant to be able to study in a country other than the one in which the applicant is a citizen of. The type of specific student visa depends on the duration of stay and caters to the likes of foreign students and dependent students.

If the applicant is from overseas and is wanting to study full-time in New Zealand, he/she may apply for a ‘Fee Paying Student Visa’ that will normally last for the duration of the study. The applicant may also be eligible for this visa if he or she is a ‘distance student’ who will require to come into New Zealand for related educational matters such as practical work and/or sit exams.

If the applicant is coming on holiday to New Zealand and would like to study or work, he/she may do so via the ‘Working Holiday Visa’, given the person is from one of the countries listed on the Immigration New Zealand website. With this visa, the applicant may work for up to 12 months and study/train for up to 6 months in total.

With an Exchange Student Visa, the applicant may study full-time in New Zealand as part of an educational exchange programme. The applicant will be considered as a ‘domestic student and will therefore not have to pay tuition fees.

If the applicant has been granted a foreign government loan or scholarship, he or she can apply for a ‘Foreign Government Supported Student Visa’ which grants full-time study for more than 3 months, given all tuition fees are paid for by the loan/scholarship. 

Depending on the visa, the applicant may be able to;

  • work for up to 20 hours a week and full-time in the holidays (or as stated on their visa), in conjunction with their full-time study.
  • Live independently if above a certain age (otherwise will need to come with a parent or legal guardian).