About Us

ASPAC Immigration are Licensed Immigration Advisers. Founded by Maurice Austin, ASPAC Immigration, an organisation aimed at providing our clients with the best possible solutions to migrants who desire to visit study, work, invest, or ultimately live in New Zealand.   

We are a Christchurch based firm with immigration offices in both Auckland and Christchurch.  We specialise in all facets of immigration to New Zealand. We offer our assistance with all types of visas’, temporary and residential, and will also assist you in finding appropriate employment here.  

We understand everyone has a unique route of possible entry and can cater to each individual’s needs. Our experience lies in visas’ for visit, study, work and residency. Not only that, we are also experienced in Appeals and Section 61 applications. Developed here is an environment for your convenience and comfort; we aim for your success.

We offer a free initial assessment that gives you an idea of your chances to obtain a visa and if our advice is favourable to you.  We will offer you our professional services for assistance before, during and after immigration application. All our consultants have extensive legal and business experience which they will use to help you to obtain a visa and settle comfortably here in New Zealand.

What we are offering to you is not only a service, but a professional relationship full of trust and transparency as the goal you have in mind is what we plan to put into action!

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Maurice Austin, Immigration Adviser

Maurice Austin is a licensed immigration adviser, specialising in all facets of immigration matters in New Zealand. He graduated from the University of Otago over 20 years ago, with a Bachelor of Laws degree and practised law for an extensive period of time. Following this, he pursued immigration advising with his experience in law, making him an exceptional advising officer.